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Roars have subservient and proficient PHP web developers who can instantly debug the code for potential bugs and bottlenecks. The GD library of PHP comprises a host of features and functionalities that can be used to create images in various formats such as gif, jpeg and png. The source code of PHP would be modified to include custom created extensions and mechanism thereby increasing its extensibility.

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Boss Patrol


We offer creative solutions for web application frameworks and products built upon ASP.net development including the SharePoint, DotNetNuke, ASP.Net MVC, mojoPortal and other smaller ones like: BlogEngine.NET, DasBlog, Gallery Server Pro, nopCommerce. You can simply rely on our ASP.net developers and programmers as we offer with more choices and alternatives for powerful web development!

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Les Concierge

Data Management

Data Management indicates how equipped a CRM software is when it comes to dealing with data. This is as simple as the ability to import data in batches and deleting mass data. CRM software will come with tools to de-duplicate data and merge records as well. Data Management is a fairly important category for CRM software as the data typically can be large and any features to automate the processing of data as well as maintaining quality would be important for any organization.

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Big Mouth Bytes

Customer Support Management

Customer Support contains a set of features used to centralize and manage customer service requests. This can be achieved through case management tools. Another powerful feature for Customer Support is the ability to capture customer cases through web and email, which updates the process and prevents the need for manual transfer of data to the CRM system.

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Les Concierge

iPhone App

Creating an error-free application for apple iPhone is a real hard nut to crack. But Roars assure you that stacking all our efforts from all the expertise and diligence in-house we shall bring to you the best of all the applications which the world would want to get the glimpse of, the world would want to applause for.

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Find A Vocalist

Android App

From gingerbread , Honeycomb, ice cream sandwich and now Jelly beans you never know what’s next but Roars has always kept itself updated and practical towards every new challenges in the market. Roars have received a high esteemed response in every android development projects and these project beneficiaries have witnessed new horizons of success especially in the mobile techno & trade.

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Sparsa App


Magento web development gives you the freedom to customize the features of your website for a profitable business. When it comes to the best of all available the business solutions, Magento web development has always been a universal choice. A number of companies utilize magneto web service at it offers some incredible e commerce solutions.

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WordPress is an open source tool and a content management system (CMS) which is supported by PHP and MySQL. It is mainly designed for blogs and websites and despite its release in 2003, a significant revolution was witnessed when in December 2011, version 3.0 was downloaded over 65 million times across the globe.

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Dr Bluetooth

SEO Services

We have mastered our skill from end to end years of experience in Search Engine Optimization(SEO).Our expertise in Internet marketing has helped us to witness the budding blossom of our SEO clientele across India. Our SEO providers have always accomplished their targets as per their SEO strategies. Towering on any height our team has always finished their effort race within the ethical limits.

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Property Egypt

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing supplements the companies with an opportunity to build relationships while boosting brand awareness and promoting products and services to clients and customers. Campaigns that incorporate a planned strategy, engaging elongating experiences and a roaring content to create a community page with maximum likes!.

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Shanti Juniors

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