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Innovation Design

Build the next-gen products, services, and experiences with innovative design.


We are very well-known for creating a positive impact through our innovative design that people love.

Our Innovation Design Process

Our user-centered innovation design process helps us meet all of our client’s design needs and ensure that we get the right product to market faster.


Our service design innovation process begins with research. Our expert team work together with customers at the forefront and apply qualitative & quantitative research methods to understand what type of service potential customers would prefer.


After researching, once everything is finalised using various methods, our interdisciplinary teams start applying creative and human-centered idea-finding methods to create ideas and design the first service design.


In the last phase, we use various service prototyping methods to test new ideas faster and cost-effectively. We make sure that prototypes are built and tested for usability, functionality, cost, and market response to implement new services if it is positive.


Addictlab is a bottom-up and self-managed cultural platform.

Our Innovation Design Services

We leverage our deep experience in providing a wide range of innovation design services to make
the right decision that benefits the whole product and business.


From tailor-made design thinking to innovation methodology development, we provide various kinds of innovation design consulting services to our clients. We help them build innovation capabilities, leveraging our in-depth knowledge to advance human experience through product, service, and organisation design.


Leverage our expertise in providing go-to-market innovation strategy to companies looking to win in modern markets. We are experts in creating innovative business solutions that give a sustainable competitive advantage and drive business growth to our clients for shaping the future and making innovation tangible.


We have a skilled and experienced team, very well-versed at creating memorable brand experiences, materializing and designing every touchpoint in a unique way for our clients all across the globe. Be it stakeholder mapping, customer journey mapping, touchpoint mapping, or service prototyping; we excel at what we do in service design.


We help you bring new product ideas to life. Hire our product designers who all have wide-ranging development skills to create unique products with high market impact. From conceptualisation to design, development, and industrialisation, we transform our client’s ideas into a fully finished product under one roof.


Our custom digital design services will help you maintain a strong relationship with your users by delivering best-in-class enhancements for the website, mobile applications, and other platforms. Get in touch with us to hire digital designers and create experiences for your customers to wow them with your innovative yet intuitive digital design.


Being a top-notch product engineering and development company, we work collaboratively with the client to develop simple and complex solutions that are new technologies to solve real-time problems of their business. Get our high-quality product development services to turn your idea into reality.

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At roars, we combine our expertise in strategy, design, and innovation to create extraordinary experiences.

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