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On-Demand Fitness App Development

Design and develop fitness apps that users, trainers, dietitians, and admins like!
Right from out-of-shape to ripped model, we help you build fitness apps that allow users to stay fit and reach their fitness goals.

Fitness App Development Solutions

We provide the best possible fitness app development solutions that allow fitness enthusiasts
to get every fitness-related queries and doubts resolved in no time through a wide range of fitness applications.

AI-powered fitness apps

We leverage artificial intelligence and help you develop robust and cost-effective fitness applications that provide workout programs and diet plans.

Social integration

Increase user engagement and popularity by integrating social media elements into your fitness application to stand out in the competitive market.

Wearable technology

Give a fantastic user experience along with real-time fitness tracking through smartwatches. With our proven expertise in wearable integration, we provide personalized information to end-users in real-time.

Go Champion Go

This app takes a proactive approach towards ensuring better employee health and fitness levels. Corporations try many different routes to improve employees’ happiness index.

Our Expertise in Healthcare Mobile App Services

Exploit the fitness market through our fitness app development services. We focus on creating the
ultimate fitness applications that concentrate on every kind of a user.

Fitness tracker app

We develop best-in-class customized fitness tracker apps to help users monitor their fitness. With in-built features, users can calculate the calories intake & burnt, count steps walked, and do other fitness activities through a robust, feature-rich, and high-performing application.

Home workout app

Through hi-tech home workout apps, you can pre-store workout videos, remind users for the workout, make a personalized workout plan, and more. Develop such kind of app with advanced technologies and meet the expectations of your users.

Yoga & meditation app

Leverage our expertise to build a high-performing and user-friendly yoga & meditation app that helps your users improve mental health. We integrate it with multiple features so that users can find it a perfect partner for yoga & meditation than other application in the app/play store.

Diet planner app

Provide a personalized diet chart to your users through a diet planner application and fulfill the body’s nutritional requirements with maintained fitness. Also, users can calculate dietary food values, count calories, and much more with the help of multiple features.

Healthy recipe finder

You can let your users know what recipe would be the best for them to have in their meal through a healthy recipe finder application. Apart from that, you can also let customers know about essential vitamins and supplements they can get from it.

Personal trainer app

With our proven expertise in Artificial intelligence and machine learning, we help you develop personal trainer applications for your users that come up with features like audio & video tutorials, set & achieve fitness goals, track & monitor fitness, and more.


The FlowRow app contains all essential features that you will need for your perfect rowing workout. The app is made by fitness experts for fitness enthusiasts.


The app’s audio/video coaching feature allows trainers and app users to use a one-on-one audio-video coaching facility. It helps both of them to provide and get detailed instructions.


This feature allows users to track the fitness activity like running, walking, cycling using GPS along with speed, distance and analyze the daily fitness performance.


Engage your app users through the push notifications & alerts feature. You can friendly remind them for the workout, upcoming workouts, and sports training sessions.


With the help of this feature, app users can make the payment through multiple payment options like debit/credit cards, wallets, PayPal, net banking, etc.


Through synchronization, users can sync the application with wearable and other devices like apple watch, android wear, etc. easily and hassle-free.

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