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The FlowRow is a fitness app that contains all the essential features that a fitness freak will need for the perfect rowing workout.

Fitness experts ideally make this ultimate app for fitness enthusiasts who like flowing & dynamic movements and at the same time want to improve endurance, strength, and posture. Moreover, FlowRow uses the FlowRow Board. This ingenious but straightforward accessory was specially developed for FlowRow to ensure that our deep muscles are activated to balance the rowing machine. Find out more from Healthcare Mobile App Development Company

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Essential features that a fitness freak


One of our biggest challenges was building an application with different online workout programs for everyone as there was no specification at the start of the project. Apart from that, we had to create a complex activity monitoring system to track the users’ progress despite having a tight deadline.

Not only a tight deadline but also client wanted to provide a wonderful experience to their users via a one-of-a-kind fitness mobile app that has multiple features (Aka complex functionality)

Core Features


Using a web panel, users can log in/register in the application and select the best-suited plan according to their choice. This feature also allows users to view the training videos as per the plan purchased.



This feature allows users to select the free, monthly, or yearly plans according to their choice and subscribe to the application quickly and hassle-free. 


Awesome Design 

This app has best-in-class design that allows users to access the most important features effectively and engage them in the pre-defined workouts without any compromise. 


Easily customizable

This app has a best-in-class design that allows users to effectively access the essential features and engage them in pre-defined workouts without compromising.


Variety guaranteed

To stand out from different fitness app solutions, this app gets dedicatedly updated with new training and coaching videos regularly to provide a variety of guaranteed. 


Built-in equipment shop

Having this amazing feature in the application allows users to purchase their own flowrow board directly from the application itself. 

My stuff

With this feature’s help, users can download online videos and view them in offline mode whenever they need. They can also create their own playlist while working out without any interruption.


We developed an MVP with the required features like membership subscriptions, daily activities of users, dashboard, and many more by creating technical specifications to meet the client’s business goals.


Our development team worked very hard to optimize the UX to provide a better user experience to users and focus on the core feature of the application- payment gateway for membership or while shopping equipment.


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