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Roars is a trusted DevOps company, providing robust DevOps services that
help businesses to bridge the gap between development and operations.

Our DevOps Process

Our DevOps team follows a standard DevOps process with the right approach to shift your
business agility and meet strategic enterprise goals faster.

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Assessment and strategy planning

In this stage, we engage by assessing the current DevOps culture, process, and tool to quantify the maturity model. Plus, we also create a roadmap and identify the traceable metrics for strategic planning. 

Pilot framework and tool stack construction

After the assessment and strategic planning, we create a pilot framework to implement the standard DevOps setup. With our top-of-the-line expertise in leveraging open source and licensed tools, we integrate it with your existing tools for a robust ecosystem.


Managed end-to-end implementation

We manage and enhance people, skills, culture, process, and tools in this phase in order to analyze, design, construct, automate and implement according to each project and its requirements.


Addictlab is a bottom-up and self-managed cultural platform.

Our DevOps Services

Optimize the cost, agility, and scalability of your IT ecosystem with our cutting-edge DevOps
services for faster time to market and reduced risk.


Leverage our DevOps consulting services to carefully assess your existing infrastructure, analyze the gap, tailor the roadmap, and implement test automation to accelerate your DevOps journey. Right from DevOps assessment to automation and management, we will give a boost time-to-market of your software.


Accelerate your IT operations with our IT and software infrastructure automation services. We help you with ease and convenience in your IT and software development operations so that you can manage the interaction between your cloud and on-premises environments, servers, storage, virtualization software, and more.


Manage your lean operations with our supreme quality DevOps configuration management services. We will help you arrange a number of available tools to determine the issues faster, automate the tedious tasks and increase the agility of your services.


We have a skilled and experienced DevOps team that will provide continuous integration and delivery services to build, test, and release quality code using the latest and popular tools. Hire us and develop scalable apps with continuous integration and continuous delivery.


Create an effective IT infrastructure to provide an outstanding experience to your users. With our proven expertise in implementing DevOps practices and IT monitoring strategies, we pre-attempt the hurdles to have a very-well developed product with time-to-market and maintain 100% systems performance.


We provide comprehensive DevOps software development services right from planning to strategy execution to offer DevOps as a service. Our DevOps team uses the latest tools and highly systemised operations to scale up your business. Get quick and reliable innovation with our customised DevOps services.

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