Club Social

Why just have a single club membership when you can access more than 300 clubs worldwide?

Enjoy Access to Global Clubs
More often than not club enthusiasts have access to a single club. Club subscriptions are an expensive affair which makes this truth inevitable. Our client, however, came up with a disruptive idea of pooling in a number of premium global clubs into one single app which you can access with a single subscription. Upon becoming a member, Club Social opens to you a world of premium global club access, where you could holiday and enjoy superior benefits. The app with its smooth UX/UI provides you with rich features and easy navigation to scroll through hundreds of club options for your next holiday or for a morning of golfing.

Access Premium Global Club Experiences
You could access any club, in your vicinity, which is listed with the app to use their services, be it their swimming pool, gymnasium, lounge, or restaurant. You can make reservations through the app which saves you the task of making tedious phone calls. You can also check out the events that are being hosted at the clubs on various days and buy a pass to attend the same. Club Social lets you make payments online and close the deal in a matter of minutes. Not just that, you can earn points with your very own club directory which you can later redeem on your other club visits.

UX/UI Rich Club Social Features
Roars ensured that the UX/UI of the app are as responsive and premium as the offering of their client. Prior to working on the UX/UI they ensured the framework was laid well through the wireframes which helped turned Club Social into a responsive app which was also beautiful to work with.

The Listings Page
The beautifully designed listings page gives you a sneak peek into the clubs available close to you or at the destination of your choice. You can mention your destination of choice and add filters based on your club preferences to find just the right match.

My Profile – This screen allows you to:

  • Access your invoices,
  • Make changes to settings,
  • Check out FAQs,
  • Make phone calls to troubleshoot issues or for clarifications
  • Send feedback
  • Keep a tab on your favorite clubs

The profile screen also offers a calendar view of upcoming club bookings and reservations made for events or holidays.

The map view allows you to view all the Club Social partner clubs, all over the world, with ease.

This screen shows you all the requests that have been made and their status, whether confirmed, pending, in process, or complete.

This feature helps in easy communication with your Club Social Manager who provides with you with all the assistance you require to navigate, reserve and use your Club Social experience to the fullest.

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