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Community Social

Residential Community App

As the numbers of gated communities increase, there is an increasing need to manage the resources housed therein. Realtors are bringing to people, luxury apartments with a number of utilities. They have swimming pools, gymnasiums, saunas, Jacuzzis, and party halls.

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Some of the Residential Community that house multiple high-rises, with more than 300-350 people living in each building, make utility management a mammoth task. Residents generally use communication channels like emails and Whatsapp nowadays to address this problem. Through Residential Community App mediums they can keep everyone connected and informed.

Core Features

Gated communities often host their own holiday functions and parties. You can tap on the events button to see the list of upcoming events and RSVP your presence there. This makes it easier to handle logistics for the community chairman, as well.

A single point where you can find all the community announcements, be it meetings, changes in fee structures, maintenance reports, etc.

Book your slots at one go by clicking on amenities. This feature helps manage the usage of the utilities optimally. It avoids overlaps and confusion and makes handling payments and fees easy.

There are bound to be problems occurring in such vast communities. It could be the lamp in the hallway or a tile on the floor. Just record your complaint on this feature and it will be taken care of.

Every resident will love to know about their neighbor. It makes them feel safe and gives them a sense of belonging to the place they call their community. The directory gives you a brief introduction of your neighbor, their apartment number, and their profession.

This is the star feature of the Community Social app. The concierge feature acts as your very own assistant. Whether you would like your clothes dry cleaned or your relatives to be picked up from the airport; the concierge helps you with it. A simple tap and you have the service at your doorstep.

Security features
Security is one of the reasons why individuals invest in gated communities. Through this app they can have an added level of security. One touch on the Panic button alerts all neighbors and security guards to come to your help in case of an emergency.  Additionally, the SOS call button, lists some of the important phone numbers in case you ever need them.


An easy go-to app for all your community needs

Using our innovative design techniques and through thorough understanding of our client’s needs we have delivered Community Social. We have ensured that it is easy to use and has a clean UI. This is one of the best value-added features that you can provide to your clients. Instead of just handing them over luxury utilities, you can give them the tool to handle the utilities, optimally.

Community Social

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