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Building Intuitive Mobile App Experiences

Intuitive Mobile apps are a good starting point to mull this over. We are rapidly moving towards a customer-centric world. Businesses and marketers are trying to find gaps and pain points which they want to solve for their customers. We are putting in years of experience, research, and design into achieving the same. But are we going fast enough to match this trend? Businesses have now recognized the need to be close to their end users. What better way to do so than building their custom app for their user’s mobile phone. But does building a mobile app solve the problem and beat competition for businesses? Hardly. There are tonnes of other features and services they need to work on before they become the number one mobile app for their service. So when it comes to mobile app, what can help differentiate your business from that of your competitors?

Build the Intuitive Mobile App for the user

This point has been talked about often. Mobile apps are indeed built for the user. But then, why do so many users end up uninstalling apps just after one use. Companies conduct beta tests to find out what is working for the apps and what is not. However, what they do not take into an account many times is the environment and the people who are beta testing the app. If you beta test your app in the controlled environment of your office which boasts high-speed internet and full attention of the focus group, are you really testing it for your end user? Your end user will be navigating your app while beating a lot of noise, distraction, Internet speed issues, among others. Is your app delivering to your user the value they expect when they downloaded it first? You can only provide value to your users through your mobile app when they use your app successfully through all odds and find what they were looking for. The interface should be extremely simple and intuitive. In short, it should be something like a smooth dialogue between you and your customer. A mobile app built without keeping these points in mind can look pretty much like an unmanned ticket kiosk or a vending machine that swallows up all your change. Indeed, time is money in today’s world, so you should make sure your users can get what they want without looking further. If the time they spend on your app is less given how smooth you have made the process for them, be assured they will keep coming back for more. Base your revenue models based on the value you think you are extending to your users. If they are in love with the UX you are offering, they will be willing to pay a premium to say bye to the ads. Don’t just build a mobile app, build a habit that users benefit exponentially from. Help users see what they stand to gain from your mobile app. Don’t explain the value you provide to them, let them experience it first hand. Have an innovative business idea? Would you like to build a mobile app around it? Contact us for a free consultation, today! or Roars Technologies

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