Blockchain: An Undeniable Opportunity to Revolutionize Business Operations

Blockchain development has gained immense popularity due to its wide range applications. The commercial significance of this technology is undeniable and it has generated interest in endless spectrums of business sectors. Blockchain technology relies on special data structures that can store anything with a worth or value. Every piece of information stored on the blocks […]

Bitcoin: How Long Is It Going to Last?

With the continuous speculation that occurs in the bitcoin domain, chances are that quite a few of us have invested or at least, has thought of investing into it. Bitcoin  (BTC) does look like a great instrument to bet your money on, given the steady increase in market cap. It stands at a staggering $184,510,800,690 USD […]

What Are Crypto-Tokens?

We have already spoken about blockchain and whether you should be putting your money into Bitcoins, in our previous posts. Blockchain is not just about Bitcoins. Although bitcoins happen to be the most successful cryptocurrency due to its inherent characteristics of being a reliable store of value and a medium of exchange, there are some […]

Understanding Blockchain The Easy Way

There is a lot of talk about blockchain, these days. This makes us wonder what is this disruptive technology all about? No matter how much you read up on it, it still seems rather complex to some of us. This post looks at understanding blockchain the easy way. Analogies help manifold. So, that is what […]