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    Addictlab is a bottom-up and self-managed cultural platform.

    It is a platform that allows guests creative thinkers from all disciplines and cultures to create a global display for cultures and ideas through networking. Doing so will help local talents improve, empower, and make sustainable change.

    Social & Cultural Web platform 

    The Challenge

    With our dedicated development team’s help, we created a new tool that streamlines the collaboration tool between teams quickly. In order to make an intuitive user experience and improve the customer journey, our skilled and experienced developers managed to design a custom template for the new site that is visually appealing.

    The Solution

    We designed a user-friendly collabration tool to share ideas and allow users to be a part of a creative project that provides a rich experience.


    Leveraging our expertise in developing a functionality called search discipline helps to search and view disciplines more quickly. Plus, it also allows searching and viewing the projects linked to them.

    Streamline Creative tool for SDGS

    Our seasoned developers have created a project page that gives an easy view of all the lab members
    work and provides an option to share ideas.

    Collaboration Project for Teams
    Collaboration Project for Teams