Go Champions Go

This app takes a proactive approach towards ensuring better employee health and fitness levels. Corporations try many different routes to improve employees’ happiness index. They organize parties, outings, flash mobs, and provide health insurance schemes to take care of that. However, our client came up with a more direct approach that makes working towards good health a task of the employees. It makes more sense, as their fitness ultimately lies in their hands. To make this idea work, our product development team brainstormed with the clients to create the Go champions go app.

How does it work?
Go champions go is a mobile app which works in collaboration with corporations. Companies enroll their employees into the app and thereby track their fitness efforts in the form of steps taken and heart rate. The company sets the goal of a certain number of steps; upon reaching which the employee will be rewarded through holidays or other useful perks.

Through our innovation strategy, we have further added a fun twist to this app. This feature allows corporations and hence their employees to compete with one another. Upon doing this they stand to win bigger rewards for their role in helping their company win.

The rewards page gives you a glimpse of the rewards up for grabs and also the once you have achieved till date. The main screen of the homepage also acts as your personal tracker which clocks the total steps taken till date, steps to be taken to achieve the next leaderboard target and the final target you are working towards.

My Board
Through this page you can keep a track of steps you have taken, on a daily basis and the percentage of total steps you have taken in an effort to attain your reward.

Leader Board
Leader board gives you a tabular view of your colleagues who are competing and their respective scores.

The Happy Index
Our innovation strategy team worked with our strategy partner to create one of the bestselling features of the Go champions go app: the happy index.
The happy index keeps a tab on employees’ emotional wellbeing by asking them simple close-ended questions. It helps the HR understand and know about employee morale, if they are happy with their work-life balance or if there is anything that needs to be worked upon. Not only does the happy index indicates the employee’s holistic wellbeing, but also creates a great platform for the HR to reach out to employees who need help.

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