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Counter Cabinet

The game that gets everyone into politics.

Counter Cabinet is a game that allows users to select members of their dream presidential cabinet. They can create such cabinets using profiles of real politicians, gain or lose points for real-life social or political events, and compete against friends for the highest score.

Design, Interaction and Development
IOS, Android, Web and API
UI, UX, Strategy, Concept and Development
Laravel, MySQL


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Design your dream U.S. political cabinet and compete against friends using real-world scenarios


The main challenging task was to create a function that allows the client to update the leader boards every week quickly and easily. Another complex task for us was to create a seamless experience for users to enjoy playing the game with their friends. It should also have a complete comparison board for the members to decide who’s at the top and who’s lowest.


Leaderboard get reset weekly.

Core Features

Make a customised cabinet
This app includes the profiles of each member of the cabinet. So, users can imagine themselves in the role of the highest office and select members of their imaginary presidential cabinet.


Game play & achievements
Users can play a game and compete against their friends to see who has the best imaginary cabinet. It also allows users to compare the score with old and new friends.


Earn points & push notifications
It features weekly leader boards, displaying how individual politicians have been on any given day. If they are doing a great job, users get plus points. And if not, it’s the other way round. Such information will be provided to the users via push notifications. So, users can track their success. It also lets members swap out to earn the top spot in weekly leader boards.


Our dedicated development team did a great job by adding multiple features to the application. Our solutions enable the client to manage the whole application independently. We also gave an eye-catching UI/UX that encourages the users to play a game between friends and earn the top spot in weekly leader boards.

Leveraging our top-of-the-line expertise in creating an engaging yet high-performing application, we did manage to add the feature that allows the app-users to make more than one cabinet to earn more points and make the game very engaging.


Counter Cabinet

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