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Value Proposition

Identify your customer’s major jobs to be done, the pains they face when trying to accomplish their jobs and the gains they perceive by getting their jobs done.

What is this for?


Value proposition template helps to identitfy problem customer facing while using product and what are solution for them. It consist of Gain creating, products & services, Pain Relievers for pain point customer facing.

Customer are segmented in Gain, Pain & Customer task. Problem customer face in order to do certain task(s) are solution you need to find in pain reliever.

Step-by-step guide.

Find out value proposition for your products. Customer Segment will help you find out Gain, pain and Customer Job(s). once you have list of customer segment you can easily find a solution for them


Gain Creators: What is jobs which generate gains in your idea?

Products & Services: What are product and Service you are providing which can be help in value proposition?

Pain Relievers: What cure can you provide which can help customer solve there pain?

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