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    Prototype Testing Plan

    IDEA: TRY: TEST: SPECIFY. Prototyping is more than just ‘trying out’; it is a structured way to check that you have an efficient and fitting solution.

    What is this for?

    The Prototype Testing Plan gives a basic, but useful overview of different ways in which you can test your work,as well as when to test it. You can build a prototype using various materials, or simply draw or act out your idea

    The Prototype Testing plan also helps structure the testing process. It is most efficient if you go through a structured series of steps. This way you can continually improve your work, while avoiding getting lost once the feedback you collect starts piling up.

    Step-by-step guide.

    Prototyping is often carried out in various stages of a process with the aim of either searching for new ideas or testing an existing idea to see whether it works and how to make it better. Prototypes can be made as often as possible

    The key is to keep it easy and cheap to build them, focusing more on the core offering rather than smooth finishing. Feel free to use what is easily available around you as long as it helps you try out your idea rather than just talking or thinking about it.

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