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Building Partnerships

Many complex problems have several different yet related causes and effects – with several organisations from different sectors trying to solve things individually. With many organisations having limited resources, forming partnerships is a good approach to not only increase capability but also your reach.

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Building partnerships takes a lot of effort from all those involved. They often take a considerable investment of time to build the high quality working relationships that underpin effective collaboration.

The Building Partnerships Map breaks the process into steps, so you can anticipate difficulties and challenges ahead.

Step-by-step guide.

The Building Partnerships Map describes a series of phases which a partnership might involve. The map indicates what is needed in each phase to make such partnerships work, offering guidelines rather than rules. Each phase, as outlined on the worksheet, is important and should not be neglected if the partnership is to remain balanced and on course to achieve its goals. To work well, partnerships need to be mutually beneficial to the partners involved.


You can use the Building Partnerships Map to analyse at what phase of partnership you and your partner are, so that you can move through the next phases to build a strong partnership together.

– Identify the stage that shows where you are at
– Identify the stage where you would like to be
– Use the template as a map to build a pathway towards that stage

The mapped pathway gives an outline of the activities that need to be done in between.

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