The President’s Club

The President’s Club is a loyalty reward program app, a concept created by Samsung, to honor its loyal partners and distributors. It wanted to extend the service through a mobile app interface with smooth UI/UX for easy use and navigation.

Samsung wanted to thank their loyal patrons for their continued trust, partnership, and association, helping it to be a market leader in its industry.

It is this idea of sustaining and strengthening the client-vendor relationship that companies come up with special memberships. Loyalty reward program apps are  created to reward loyal clients for their dedication to a brand and for always being a returning customer.

Samsung thought on the same lines and decided to do something special for them, to thank them for their patronage.

Samsung introduced The President’s Club membership for its loyal partners. This loyalty reward program app provides customers bespoke benefits, exclusive member access to premium services like airport lounge access and concierge services, and access to premium hotels, resorts, and spas.

We are elated that Samsung chose us to deliver the app interface for The President’s Club, that will be used by their clients on their phones.

Loyalty Reward Program App: How Does It Work?

The President’s Club is a members-only app, which can be accessed only by Samsung partners who have been loyal patrons of the tech-giant.

User base: Confident, modern, and usually very busy. Hence, an app designed optimally to provide simple yet delightful user interface and great user experience. By keeping every tab and every heading pretty self-explanatory, we have tried to make the app as user-friendly as possible.

We have designed the app interface to give it an elegant and sophisticated look by using the colors black, gold, and white.

It provides a base menu with the headings:

  • Discover
  • Requests
  • Chat
  • Alerts
  • My Account

Under each tab, opens up a new page to select further and narrow down to the item the user is searching for. Everything can be found no more than 2 levels down .

By choosing their location, users can find an array of all President Club powered services and offerings in their vicinity. Here are some of the benefits and offerings that members can expect:

Club Social

With Club Social, you can have access to premium global club experiences through over 300 global clubs. You can access any club near you which is listed with Club Social, to use their restaurant, gymnasium, lounge, or swimming pool. You can also have access to events that the clubs are hosting and can buy passes in a matter of minutes via the President’s Club app.

VIP Concierge Service

– A concierge services which is at your disposal 24*7. From airport pick up and drops, delivering gifts, getting your groceries done, and many other tasks that you do not have time to take care of given your busy schedules. Like we said, we know the partners are busy people, so we strove to deliver a product and an app which will add value to their busy lives.

VIP Airport Assistance

– This feature grants you access to exclusive and premium airport/airline lounges across India. Check out the airport listings on the app and also the lounges available where you can relax and get a shut eye during a layover.

Luxury Vacations

– Find listings of luxury vacations you can head out to. Select the days and the destinations and we bring to you the best combinations available as per your request.

Intimate Evenings

– Whether it is a fine dining or a small party for your family and friends, we can assist you in finding the right restaurants serving the cuisine of your preference and also arrange easy reservations, so that you can have an awesome evening without a hitch.

Family Portrait

– Get a family portrait/photo series done by a professional photographer. The professional photographers find the perfect setting, background, shots and styles to bring to you a family portrait of your dreams.

Other Features

Here are some more features of the President’s Club membership:


– The listings page shows you all the hotels and resorts in your near vicinity. We also have a map view for the same to help you locate and gauge the distances of the various options from your current location.


– A person who knows how to manage their chores can never have enough calendars. So, we have a calendar in the app itself to add to your efficiency and bring notifications and upcoming events right in front of you.


– Your very own assistant, who is there at your service. They can conduct searches and find best deals, packages, vacations and anything else you might need assistance with.


– The requests page gives you a quick view of all your requests, both confirmed and pending, so that you can keep a track of your appointments. The requests could pertain to any of the many bespoke services that the President’s Club brings to its customers. It could be club social, concierge services, health care requests, or requests for an evening of fine dining at your favorite restaurant.

Samsung hopes to impress its loyal partners and so do we

Samsung came up with the concept of the President’s Club to show its appreciation towards its loyal partners and honor them. We wish to do the same for Samsung by assisting them in developing an app that will turn their thoughtful reward idea into reality.

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