Roars is Now Listed on Clutch & The Manifest!

Like Steve Jobs, we’re on the side of the crazy ones–those enigmatic entrepreneurs and visionaries who buck the system to disrupt industries and create value for customers. At Roars Technologies, we believe in our mission with steadfast commitment.

Clutch, the B2B ratings and review agency, compiles client reviews, case studies, and objective quantitative data to gain market insights. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch makes transactions more efficient and transparent through the power of information.

Recently, Clutch listed us among their extensive research of UX designers in India! We are honored to receive a prestigious distinction. That being said, we think our clients deserve some recognition. Their cooperation and commentary to the Clutch analysts allowed us to get our work out there.

The CEO of an investment company was impressed with Roars Technologies on the whole. “Roars Technologies is responsive, timely, and forward-thinking, and we’ve built a strong relationship with them. I’ve found that having trusted partners and networks is pivotal to scaling any business. I also appreciate that they’re not just looking for a financial reward. Rather, they care about their work. They’re passionate about building concepts and creating projects that generate social change. They work quickly, transforming commercial needs into programs. Even if we’ve only had a discussion, they’re able to create wireframes for the next meeting and approach us with ideas. This has been really helpful because it speeds up the entire process.”

Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, creates lists of high performing companies in sectors across the world. We are also fortunate to be listed on their platform as a leading user experience agency in the India region. The Manifest exclusively lists the world’s top companies.

Founded in 2005, we use agile methodologies to create excellent and scalable projects. We make use of design review, business strategy, and technology implementation to exceed our clients’ expectations, which is essential in today’s business world. Our disruptive product innovation process has brought us clients across the globe. With our international clients, from fledgling startups to goliath corporation, we are more than capable of handling any potential project.

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Avinash is working with Roars since 6 Years and total experience is about 12+ Years in Project Management. His endless desire to learn new things developed his interest in product development. He likes to unwind by watching online series or reading when he is not working.