How to Make your MVP Foolproof?

Are you a startup? Do you have an MVP, yet? Is it MVP foolproof? Most startups are born out of a need to solve a problem/issue. It could be anything. It could be a product that makes our daily lifestyle easier, or it could be a service that takes off some of the rigorous tasks […]

Why Wireframes are Important in Product Development?

Wireframe – Your product idea is something that you have invented and envisioned up to the most minute details. You feel it is full proof and is ready to be launched in the market. However, when you try to explain your product idea to other stakeholders, investors, or target audience, it somehow does not seem […]

How an MVP Can Get Your Startup Funded

Millions of startups are formed each year, worldwide. For every one investment made, venture capitalists go through at least 400 product portfolios.  When it comes to angel investors, this number comes down to 40. So be it, 400 or 40, the competition to get angel funding or venture capital infused into your startup is quite […]

What is an MVP?

MVP or Minimum viable product as a concept was introduced in the year 2001 by Frank Robinson. Although, functionality rich and impactful in nature, MVP as a term and concept has still got a long way to go. However, since you searched for what an mvp is, it shows you have much to gain from […]