Onus- Send, Receive, Deliver

Onus is a top ecommerce logistics solutions provider that utilizes the best of digital software applications to cater vast requirements for package delivery and travel. The location based availability feature makes for an efficient process that ensures your valuables are delivered safely and in a jiffy. Onus also provides car-hire for an on-the-go commute to vast destinations and with all the luxuries on serve.
The intuitive and simplistic mobile app treats users with the best experience and serves the essential information regarding the service choice availed. All the benefits of a doorstep pick-up and safe delivery can be availed at a single click. With just a few taps, users can create a profile and get on with item deliver or avail easy-ride services with cost-effective luxury commuting.

Digital technologies have pervaded all business sectors and E-logistics has emerged as an ingenious force in the world of goods delivery and day-to-day commute. Time and usability dictate the efficiency and effectiveness of any process and digitization in logistics services has been the blueprint for transformation. As efficiency, optimization, speed and timing are the prime requisites in goods deliver and passenger transit, Onus comes with a vision to disrupt conventional logistics services with an advanced transformation fueled by the idea of a mobile software application.

The objective of the task: To achieve a minimalistic but engaging application that will provide an easy access to all the online services while streamlining the entire process with an easy-to-use and visually appealing platform.

Optimizing the service chain with data analysis and critical evaluation was set to be a major hurdle in the development process. The need of strategic data storage and management, capable processing and an engaging display set the prime requisites of Onus. To include the tangible best in the application design requires all the expertise and know-how.

  • Fetching real-time data from myriad locations and processing the input.
    Acquire the availability of service concerning that location and conveying the same to end user.
  • Handle a continuous stream of incoming data and storing it for generating comprehensible reports.
  • To serve real-time package tracking and trip progress information.

Roars offers an unmatched approach to streamline the app development process and focuses on serving innovative digital solutions. While designing the Onus mobile application user interface, the team set its aim on bettering the user-experience while maintaining an overall simplistic look that will let the user effortlessly handle the application and the vast array of information being displayed.

  • Generate feasible design concepts.
  • Apprehensible display of information.
  • Quick connectivity with the available service options and delivery agents.
  • Eliminating the dependency on any third party services.

Creating a perfect logistics partner for on-the-go users was the key focus of the entire process. An aesthetically appealing interface with a distinguishable and recognizable theme was achieved to the delight of Onus. The planning, designing and implementation was carried out using the latest available methodologies and trends to yield a perfect digital solution in the form a revolutionary logistics services mobile software application.


  • Wide range availability on Android and Apple IOS platforms.
  • An attractive cyan theme for best user-experience.
  • An all-in-one application for parcel delivery as well as passenger transit.
  • A single click service selection and confirmation.

The Onus mobile software application is a viable means to streamline logistics services by involving users in an intuitive platform that helps eliminate the dependencies for conventional methodologies. As technology is the key enabler that allows companies to best connect with customers, the logistics mobile app – Onus, offers a one touch solution to acquire the most reliable and efficient services on-the-go!

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