Bridging high-cost delivery gap
Airlogiq is a disruptive peer-to-peer delivery service that allows customers to get their favourite products and items that would be otherwise difficult to locate, at their doorstep. Be it the latest MacBook Air from the US or the latest ethnic wear from India. Airlogiq helps users identify travellers who are traveling to and from India and the US, and would be happy to make some instant deliveries for you. All this, with little or no shipping cost.

We all know how expensive international shipping is. Many a time, they even surpass the product price itself. Our client came up with a brilliant idea to create an app that would allow travellers, dedicate a portion of the luggage space to carry such items to the US or India. The requester receives the desired product while the traveller is rewarded monetarily for taking the effort to deliver the product.

A clean and detail-oriented UX/UI
When working on our client’s innovative idea, we realized that the app had to be extremely easy to navigate through, provide all vital information correctly, get updated continuously, and provide smooth communication interface to help the requester and travellers connect.

Here is a step-by-step sneak peek into the app features as designed and delivered by Roars Technologies:

My Item
This page shows you a list of active and pending items that you have requested to be delivered. You can choose a no-payment delivery option for relatively low-value items. However, if there are high-value items in question, you might have to pay a few extra dollars to ensure security of the item. The amount you pay will be a great deal lesser than the actual shipping charges that you would have to pay otherwise.

You can track the details of the product on this page, for example, its size, the volume it will occupy, and its weight. The page also shows the tentative travel date of the traveller and helps you estimate by when you can receive your package.

Item Details
Upon looking further into each item details, you can find details such as information about the item, payment type, and the airline with which the traveller will be travelling. This page also gives a breakup of the timeline from when the product is accepted by the traveller till it is delivered to the requester.

The messages window helps the requester and the traveller to communicate about the product and delivery details and sort out any queries and clarifications.

A revolutionary Peer-to-Peer delivery service
Airlogiq has made it easy for shoppers to access products that are otherwise unavailable or extremely expensive in their country. With its sleek UI and smooth UX it makes for one of the most disruptive innovations in the peer-to-peer service delivery space.

Launching Soon!

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