Produit™- Project Request

Produit (\pʁɔ.dɥi\) (pho-dui) is a French word that means Product, which lies at the very base of our business idea and that of all our clients’. It is the idea of a product that gets us started on an entrepreneurial journey and it is for this reason we have named our MVP offering Produit. Create a new product in style.

Ready to see your product come into life in 30 days? Provide us with a detailed description of your idea so that we can get started on it ASAP!

We will get in touch with you within 2 business days with your product scope ready in hand.

Benefits of MVP Development

  • Core set of functionalities help test key business concepts early on
  • Catch attention of investors and venture capitalists
  • Strengthen business cases
  • Create a user base early on
  • Iterative process allows for evolution of the product
  • Cost and time efficient development

MVP allows you to give shape to your product in the shortest time possible and with minimum investment. In return, the MVP gives you immediate value in the form of new users and a strong base for case studies and business proposals to gather investment for subsequent levels of product development. MVP helps you beta test your product in the market and find out ways of improving it even before actual product development starts. It also provides a strong example based on which angel investors and venture capitalists can decide on the viability of your product and fund it.

Let’s face it, an actual product in hand is worth 20 ideas in the head.